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Current Openings
Supply Chain Planning and Farm Liaison Assistant
City, State | Full Time
  • Guarantee compliance with each of the quality protocols in all the products that are processed in the bouquet Post-Harvest from the moment they are grown until their packaging and shipping.
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements and specifications of each of our customers in terms of the manufacturing of the  bouquets, ingredients, hard goods, and information.
  • Maintain constant communication with customers through visits to stores, shows and meetings to analyze the floral category in terms of needs, trends, and possible improvements considering the consumer experience.
  • Design bouquets and innovative floral arrangements. Implement of BASC, Florverde and SMETA standards to maintain certifications in sustainability and environmental compliance.
  • Train the Colombian and Ecuador Post-Harvest teams in Spanish in terms of bouquets processes, ingredients preparation, packaging methodologies and in English for the quality inspectors’ team in California and Florida in the production lines and to the store merchandisers.
  • Implement methods to inspect, test and evaluate products produced at the farms in South America and distributed in different chain supermarkets throughout the US.
  • Visit farms on a regular basis for periods up to 2 weeks per trip and being able to spend at least 3 months in total at the farms in South America per year, approximately.
  • Identify improvement opportunities related with packing and shipment of products susceptible to mechanical damage without affecting the cost efficiency.
  • Eliminate products that are not up to standards and find the reasons for product problems. Identify potential problems in the process and work to find solutions in order to maximize efficiency and shelf-life.
  • Communicate with growers over problems related with specific varieties of roses, spray roses and other type of flowers, providing feedback and agricultural recommendations.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering with 2 years’ experience with Logistic Operations in the flower’s industry, Implementation of Procedures and Strategies, including materials, production processes, quality ctrl, costs, techniques for max. manufacture.
  • Knowledge in flowers/Plants varieties, life cycle, phytosanitary problems, vase management, hydration management, temp, and any event that each type of flower needs, especially for the following products: Rose (minimum 260 varieties), Spray Rose (minimum 60 varieties), Lilies (all varieties), Carnation (all varieties), Gerbera (all varieties), Alstroemeria (all varieties), dianthus, gypsum, limonin, fillers in general, general foliage.
  • Design and assemble bouquets with the available product of the moment to make offers to the sales area.
  • Experience evaluating the flowers to activate solutions on farms.
  • Experience analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.
  • Must be able to work in low temperature (Coolers/Warehouses) due to the life cycle of products.
  • Experience with Business Intelligence tools, such us QlikView or Tableau.
  • Must have ability to communicate clearly in Spanish language with Supervisors and peers to determine customer’s requirements and objectives. 30% domestic, 25% international travels.
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